Dietetics & Nutritional Science

Nutrition therapy based on the latest scientific findings is an important component of a holistic medical treatment.

Mag. Daniela Mulle is your contact person for special nutritional needs such as food intolerances, elevated levels of blood lipids & cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, malnutrition or obesity. Every person is and eats differently; this is why the creation of nutritional therapy and goals that suit your personality is a key part of our work together.

Mag. Daniela Mulle


Many diseases are closely related to an unfavourable diet. We will discuss your daily eating and drinking habits as well as your current complaints and concerns, and then create your treatment plan accordingly.

I will help you to realise this plan in your everyday life with practical recommendations. Depending on the scope, several appointments might be useful, possibly in combination with a detailed nutritional analysis.

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