General Medicine

As family doctors/ general practitioners we are the first place to go if you experience pain of any kind. We see our task in preserving your health as well as in diagnosing illnesses and treating them in the best possible way. To do this there is a wide range of conventional and complementary therapeutic methods available to us. As private doctors we take plenty of time for our patients. Through the collaboration with the team of specialists at the weCare Ärzte- und Gesundheitszentrum we can refer you, if necessary, quickly and in an uncomplicated way.



Dr. Bärbl Hübl

My concern in general medicine is to maintain or restore your health with special regard to your whole personality. There are several ways to cure an illness or to relieve its symptoms. The right treatment method will be chosen with your collaboration.
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Dr. Waltraud Plöchl

It is my concern to understand and regard health and illness as part of the whole personality and to intervene medically where it is constructive, useful or necessary to set a course. In my opinion, in order to provide the best medical care for a patient, a well-founded academic medicine based on the current state of knowledge which is enriched by the manifold possibilities of complementary and alternative medicine is required. My special focus lies on prevention as well as personalised medicine, which means that the patient as an individual is completely in the therapeutic focus. I regard myself as a general practitioner who wants to help her patients when it comes to maintaining an overview of the numerous medical services and offers available nowadays.

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Medical check-ups

Once you are older than 18, it is possible to have a medical check-up once a year. The costs are covered by social insurance. The check-up is intended to detect indications of heart, circular and vascular diseases as well as tumour diseases as early as possible. This health check-up includes a blood, urine and stool analysis as well as a general physical examination. Here more about the preventive check-up “Vorsorgeuntersuchung Neu”

Iron centre

Iron deficiency is the most common deficiency symptom in Western Europe. For example, 15-20% of women aged 15-65 and 5% of men are affected by iron deficiency. Iron deficiency often becomes noticeable through exhaustion, concentration difficulties, hair loss, torn corners of the mouth, decrease of libido, etc.

Iron deficiency can be safely diagnosed by a simple blood test in our practice. Should you be diagnosed with iron deficiency, we can work together in order to choose the optimal therapy for you.


Homeopathy is a regulation therapy that should stimulate and coordinate the body’s own regulatory and defence mechanisms. This method helps to reduce the use of medication and to avoid its side effects.

Living will


The living will is a declaration of intent for the future. It is a form of self-determination in the event that one is no longer capable of insight, judgement and/or verbal expression. There are different versions of living wills. Dr. Waltraud Plöchl is happy to provide you with important information and after a detailed discussion you can draw up a living will. Please get the necessary form under the following link and make a note of your personal wishes and thoughts. It is possible to revoke an existing living will informally and at any time.




Acupuncture is part of the traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture is not a panacea, but an order therapy, the use of which is useful for the “disturbed” but not for the “destroyed”.

Osteoporosis Therapy and Counselling

Osteoporosis is a bone metabolism disorder that can affect both men and women. Osteoporosis usually occurs in later years, but sometimes also earlier, for example as an effect of the premature onset of the menopause, lack of exercise, low-calcium diet, and especially due to increased nicotine or alcohol consumption. If left untreated, osteoporosis can lead to bone fractures as well as to the malpositioning of the spine, leading to massive back pain. Therefore I recommend having the first bone density measurement undertaken between the ages of 50 and 55. If osteoporosis is diagnosed, it is possible to stimulate the bone metabolism with suitable medication and thus achieve an improvement of the bone density again. This can help to contain or alleviate osteoporosis. With regard to osteoporosis, physical exercise, a calcium-rich diet (milk, cheese, yoghurt …) as well as little nicotine, alcohol and coffee consumption is very important.


Checking your vaccination record and, if necessary, administering booster vaccines is part of our medical check-up programme.

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