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DSP Bernhard Wochesländer

Psychotherapy, Counselling, Supervision & Coaching

Psychotherapist in training under supervision, social pedagogue


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As psychotherapist I view myself as a companion to support people in dealing with different life themes. I regard therapy as a force which supports healing and which is also a chance to improve the journey through life. For me, trust and discretion are the basic prerequisites for successful work. My psychotherapeutic work is based on a value-free attitude towards each individual and I work according to the current state of knowledge.

Body, mind and psyche form a unity. If the soul is sick, physical complaints and/or pain can arise. Psychosomatics deals with the interaction of psyche and body. It examines how mental influences affect the body and how physical illnesses influence psychological processes. This is also confirmed by research. Before a psychosomatic diagnosis is made, my colleagues at weCare always carry out a thorough medical examination. During the treatment, different individual methods are applied – from psychotherapy to medication and various other therapeutic approaches.

A psychotherapeutic collaboration is a creative process which is goal and resource oriented. The method of the humanistic psychodrama enables you to develop competences to act as well as strategies to better deal with problems and illnesses. Thus an improvement of your quality of life and your autonomy is made possible. In the spirit of holistic medicine as well as the ideology of weCare, I tend to psychosomatic reactions that still exist and need treatment.


A psychotherapeutic treatment is a possibility for you if:


  • you suffer from cardiovascular diseases (e.g. permanent high blood pressure, functional heart rhythm disturbances, restlessness, indisposition, tension,…)
  • you suffer from respiratory disorders, respiratory distress, shortness of breath (e.g. hyperventilation, psychogenic cough, tightness, asthma, bronchitis,…)
  • you suffer from acute and/or chronic diseases of the digestive tract (e.g. irritable bowel syndrome, irritable colon, indisposition, gastritis, Chron’s disease, ulcerative colitis,…)
  • you experience disturbances of the sensory perception (e.g. tinnitus, acute hearing loss, rotatory vertigo,…)


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