Bowel Surgery

Bowel Surgery

Malignant diseases of the colon rank among the most common types of cancer in Europe, along with breast, lung and prostate cancer. Changes in the colon are sometimes caused by inflammations which might make a surgical treatment necessary. One example is the diverticulum diseasein which small sack-like evaginations inside of the colon can cause repeating inflammations, abscesses, fistulae (e.g. into the urinary bladder) but can also lead to the development of narrowings (so-called stenoses) causing stool irregularities or pain. Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) such as Chron’s disease or ulcerative colitis are treated primarily with medication. A surgical treatment becomes only necessary in case of complications such as stenoses or fistulae.

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Surgery for diseases of the small intestine or the colon can be performed using open technique and minimally invasive technique. Less pain after the operation, faster mobilisation of patients, faster recovery and shorter stays in hospitals are among the proven benefits of minimally invasive bowel surgery, which is especially beneficial for older patients. In selected cases, the SILS-technique can also be offered for intestinal surgery.

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