Wissenschaftliche Publikationen

Clinical Research/Publications


1          Dauser B. Laparoskopische kolorektale Resektionen – Technik und Ergebnisse: Chirurgische Praxis 2007

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17        Dauser B, Herbst F. Diagnosis, management and outcome of early anastomotic leakage following colorectal anastomosis using a compression device: is it different? Colorectal Disease 2014 [accepted]



5/2010              Kompressionsanastomose neu: erste klinische Erfahrung mit dem ColonRing

  1. mediterrane Tagung der I.S.D.S, Brac/Croatia

5/2010              Das Stoma in der Abdominalchirurgie.

Stomatagung – KH Barmh. Brüder, Vienna/Austria

6/2010              Compression Anastomosis: Initial clinical experience with the ColonRing.

ÖCK 2010, Linz/Austria


10/2010            Simposio satellite Euromedical; Anastomosi a compressione biodinamica con colonring: L’esperianza personale su 70 casi.

II° Congresso Regionale Congiunto S.L.C. – A.C.O.I. Lombardia, Milano/Italy

5/2011              Compression Anastomosis Revisited. Regensburg/Germany

6/2011                         Bridging the gap with an ileocolonic graft after extensive colorectal resections: short- and long-term results. ÖCK 2011, Vienna/Austria

6/2011              Hybrid Single Port Laparoscopic Surgery with OctoPort

International clinical Workshop (Presentation & Moderation), Vienna/Austria

9/2011                          Experience with Nitinol Compression Anastomosis in Rectal Reconstruction – Prospective Audit. Brussels/Belgium

5/2012              Single Port Surgery… Let’s take it easy!

  1. mediterrane Tagung der ISDS, Mallorca/Spain

5/2012              Conventional Laparoscopy vs. Single Port Surgery from a patient’s point of view.

ÖCK 2012, Salzburg/Austria

7/2012              Inguinal groin hernia repair – the minimally invasive approach.

Atrium training, Amsterdam/Netherlands

9/2012              4. ASIS: Live-OP: Moderation, W.Brunner, B.Dauser, Salzburg, Linz/Austria

9/2012              10. Dreiländertagung: IBD/M.crohn – Chirurgische Standardtechnik, oder mehr?, B.Dauser, F.Herbst, Salzburg/Austria

9/2012              10. Dreiländertagung: MIC-Sitzung; Chair: B.Vestweber, D.Hahnloser, B.Dauser

12/2012            Indications for Single and Reduced Port Surgery (Video Presentation). Innovations in Visceral Surgery 2012, Linz/Austria

4/2013              Nitinol Compression Anastomosis using novoGI ColonRing: Personal Experience and Management of Anastomotic Complications (Herbst F, Dauser B). 130th Congress of the German Society of Surgery, Munich/Germany

6/2013              Compression anastomoses in colorectal surgery: a prospective audit of 179 patients (Brunner, N, Dauser B, Brunner W, Herbst F). Annual Congress of the Swiss Society of Surgery, Bern/Switzerland

6/2013              Rectal reconstruction following low anterior resection for rectal reconstruction. Comparison of stapled vs. compression anastomoses. ÖCK 2013, Vienna/Austria

6/2013              Single Port Surgery for Small Bowel Obstruction: Report of a Case (Video).

ÖCK 2013, Vienna/Austria

6/2013              Altemeier’s procedure for rectal prolapse: technical aspects and (functional) results.

ÖCK 2013, Vienna/Austria

6/2013              Early Experience with the Dufourmentel Rhomboid Flap Procedure for the Treatment of Sacrococcygeal Pilonidal Disease. ÖCK 2013, Vienna/Austria

8/2013              Use of a Novel Retraction Device in Single-Port Surgery.

SLS Week 2013, Washington D.C./USA

12/2013            Lehre, Wissenschaft und Habilitation. AFS training, Wr Neustadt/Austria

3/2014              Rektale Anastomosentechniken. Continuing education at the St John of God Hospital, Vienna/Austria



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