About we-care

The group practice weCare was founded in 2003 by Dr. Bärbl Hübl/General Medicine and Dr. Michaela Rabl/ Gynaecology & Obstetrics. Soon after, various colleagues and therapists joined the team. Eventually, Dr. Michael Lamche/ Urology became the third partner and CEO. By now, 17 doctors and therapists work at the weCare Ärzte- und Gesundheitszentrum. Under the administrative management of Kathrin Zuber, MBA, an excellent team of practice assistants attends to all aspects regarding patient care and practice administration.

The weCare Ärzte- und Gesundheitszentrum has no health insurance contracts. Right from the start it was very important for us to have enough time for our patients and not to be subject to any restrictions. The principle “we want to take care of our patients in the best way we can” is reflected in the name weCare and it is our maxim up to this day.

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