The personal conversation and the individual care of my patients are particularly important to me. You should feel really comfortable in our practice and you should be satisfied with our services.

When should you go to an orthopaedist? 

  • In case of pain:
    • in the area of the spine
    • in the joints
    • in muscles and soft tissues
  • But also with:
    • dizziness
    • ringing in the ears
    • poor posture
    • difficulties while walking, getting up or running
  • Prevention:
    • for infants and children (especially hip, feet, spine)
    • for adults (osteoporosis therapy and counselling, ergonomic counselling at the workplace)

Dr. Eva-Maria Fojtl-Polterauer


The personal conversation and the individual care of my patients is particularly important to me.
You should feel really comfortable in our practice and be satisfied with our services.



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 Low-level laser therapy / Soft laser therapy

The low-level laser has a special kind of “light energy”. The radiation has particularly high energy and consists of only one wavelength. This characteristic is described as monochromatic and coherent. Cell metabolic processes are stimulated and the blood circulation is accelerated by vasodilatation. This quickly leads to pain relief and wound healing with tissue renewal. The low-level laser therapy is a gentle, painless and pleasant form of treatment and is used especially for spinal complaints, joint complaints, tennis or golf elbows and calcaneal spur/heel spur.

Manual therapy (=Chirotherapy, = manual medicine)

The manual therapeutic examination makes it possible to locate blockages as well as hypermobility in the area of the spine and other joints. These blockages can be loosened or at least mobilised with targeted hand manoeuvres. This makes the affected spinal section more mobile and less painful. The combination with infiltration therapy and neural therapy is often necessary and also extremely useful.

Ergonomic counselling at the workplace

Almost everyone who works regularly at a workplace with a computer complains about cervical spine or other back problems. In most cases, the cause of back pain can be eliminated by appropriate adjustments after a precise analysis of the workplace as well as work processes.

Orthopaedic operations

If an operation is necessary – despite all preventive examinations and after having tried all reasonable possibilities of conservative orthopaedics – I provide care for the patient before, during and after the operation. It is particularly important to me that you as a patient receive the best possible surgical care.


Acupuncture is a Chinese therapy method that has existed for 5000 years. An acupuncture needle is used to stimulate a certain point on the body surface. The acupuncture points lie on meridians (energy paths) that “flow” along the body surface. The stimulus is set to try to eliminate or balance the energy blockage. The advantage of this therapy is that pain can be eliminated without side-effects and even without medication. Acupuncture is particularly suitable for treating spinal pain as well as headaches and migraines.

Orthopaedic Sports Medicine

Should physical complaints occur after sports or training accidents, I am at the patient’s disposal for orthopaedic care, examination or individual consultation. Together with the patient and according to his inclinations and interests, appropriate therapy proposals are developed. Through close cooperation with our physiotherapists, optimal care of the patients is guaranteed – from orthopaedic therapy and physiotherapy to individual build-up and training plans.

Infiltration therapy, neural therapy

If the cause of the pain lies in a joint, muscle, tendon or ligament insertion, a local anaesthetic is injected into the site of the pain. This reduces the often existing muscle tension, the inflammation decreases as well as the pain. In neural therapy, stimuli are evoked by infiltrating certain spots. This sets the healing process in motion. Wounds, which have not healed optimally, can become so-called interference fields. These can cause pain, for example in the cervical spine. Neural therapy tries to “eliminate” these interference fields.

MEDI-TAPING  –  “Pain Therapy of the 21st Century“

The origin of the technique was developed by Dr. Kenso Kase in Japan about 30 years ago. Through a specifically developed elastic tape and a corresponding technique it is possible to treat pain and movement restrictions immediately. The MEDI-TAPE method is a development of the original taping method. MEDI-TAPE uses the body’s own healing process. It influences the neurological and circulatory system of the human being. Through the specific type of taping, a new stimulation effect is achieved on muscle parts, joints, lymphatic system and nervous system.

More about the effect of MEDI-TAPING:

The effect of MEDI-TAPING:

  • Improvement of muscle functions, support of joints in joint effusion
    • for athletes, also prophylactically before competitions
    • in case of muscle fibre tears
    • in case of muscle tension or shortening
    • for tendosnovitis
  • Improvement of the inner pain system
  • Improvement of the lymphatic system
  • Headache
  • Backache

Infusion therapy

If the whole body aches or several joints, pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and vitamin-containing medicine is administered in the form of infusions. A quick and lasting healing effect is thus achieved.

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