Cost reimbursement

If desired, we can take care of all the formalities associated with the reimbursement of costs.

The amount of the cost reimbursement varies and usually adds up to 80% of the amount that a contractual doctor would have received for the service.
We strive to facilitate the reimbursement of costs of the services by private doctors for your insurance through a bill of costs.
The costs for medical services must first be borne by you.
In order to submit it to the relevant health insurance fund, we need the account number to which the reimbursed amount of money should be transferred to. The application is submitted by us at the beginning of the following month. It might take up to 5-12 weeks until the refund is received.

You can find more information about cost reimbursement here.

Via the portal “my SV“ you can submit the invoice online via mobile phone signature or citizen card. For more information, please contact your health insurance (e.g. WGKK)

Private patient:

Even with an existing pregnancy you can take out an additional insurance, which covers all costs for examinations and check-ups with private doctors – WITHOUT waiting time, WITHOUT additional costs. You can trustfully contact the team of under the number (01) 961 91 73 or get information online at You will receive an offer which is individually tailored to your special needs even as soon as the next working day.


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