Here you can find the most frequently asked questions of our patients. If you are still missing any information, please do not hesitate to contact our office! We are happy to help you!

What is a private doctor’s practice?

A private doctor does not have a contractual relationship with the health insurances. A private doctor is not subject to any restrictions imposed by the health insurance companies. Therefore, particularly thorough and individual care is possible.

Do I have to pay for the medical service privately?

After a thorough examination, you will receive a fee note from our office team, which you initially pay yourself using an ATM card or cash. However, the health insurance company refunds up to 80% of the medical services covered by the health insurance.

How do I get a part of the costs back?

The respective health insurance company calculates its share of the costs on the basis of the items listed on the fee note and reimburses a part of the costs; depending on the diagnosis, period of time and services provided. The original fee note must be sent to the health insurance company. Our office will gladly take over this task for you! You can find more information on reimbursement here.

Will I get a refund from my private insurance?

If you have supplementary insurance and have taken out a private medical insurance, you can also submit the fee note there and in many cases you will be reimbursed the total amount.

Are there any services that are fully covered by the health insurance?

Once a year there is the possibility for everyone over the age of 18 to get a preventive medical check-up free of charge (the costs are covered by the social insurance company). Make an appointment with our general practitioners and bring your E-Card to the examination.

How do I get an appointment?

In order to be able to take sufficient time for our patients, it makes sense to make an appointment. In this way, long waiting times can be avoided. You have the possibility to book appointments online via our website. Our office team is also available by phone or email.

I cannot keep my appointment – what should I do?

Please cancel your appointment early enough. This gives other patients – who may need it urgently – the opportunity to get an appointment. In exceptional cases we ask for your understanding that we reserve the right to issue a fee note in the case of unexcused non-attendance.

What is the organisational procedure in the practice?

We make every effort to meet the exact time of your appointment. For this reason we ask you to be at the practice at the appointed time! However, if there is a short waiting time, we sincerely apologise. Sometimes it is necessary to have a longer conversation with a patient or to fit acute patients in! After the examination by your doctor, he/she will write the findings and issue any prescriptions and referrals. Our assistants at the reception receive the printouts and only after that they can take care of the billing. This takes a few minutes because we exercise special care and we take time for you – so that nothing stands in the way of correct billing with your health insurance company. Therefore, we kindly ask you to take a seat in our beautiful waiting area for a short while after the appointment – you will be called as soon as possible. Please bring your ID card to your first appointment at weCare Ärzte- und Gesundheitszentrum. Thank you very much!

I need a notification of sickness – how do I proceed?

Notifications of sickness are carried out by Frau Dr. Hübl and Dr. Plöchl. The sick leave confirmation is faxed to the respective health insurance company. The notification of sickness to your company is done by you. After the end of the incapacity for work, you will receive your confirmation of the duration of the sick leave from us. If you are not already certified unfit for work at the practice, we will invite you for a check-up before you return to work.

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