What are private doctors?

We are private doctors – what does that mean?

A private doctor does not have a contractual agreement with the national health insurances. A private doctor does not underlie the restriction of a national health insure fund. Thus we can provide a most attentive and individual care for our patients.

Preventive medical check-up or “Gesundenuntersuchung”

General medical check-ups at your private doctor’s are completely free of charge once a year for all patients over the age of 18.Preventive medical check-up NEW (PDF)

Private Doctor – Insurance

We recommend you to take out a ‘private doctor insurance’. With good health and young age the monthly rates are quite affordable! The Wahlarzt-Versicherung (private doctor insurance) takes over all remaining costs after reimbursement by the social insurance. Usually, alternative medical treatments, physiotherapy, massage, etc. and even drug costs are also covered by the insurance. You can obtain more detailed information from the providers.

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