Osteopathy is a holistic diagnosis and therapy concept, wwhich was developed by the American physician Dr. Andrew Taylor Still (1828 -1917).

A.T. Still was looking for ways to treat diseases and pain without medication or surgery and recognised even then that movement restrictions of body structures, no matter what kind, disturb the optimal function of the tissues and ultimately lead to complaints.

As an osteopath I try to treat the body holistically. With my hands I scan the body for blockades and movement restrictions and I release them by using different methods.

Among the basic treatment methods of the osteopath are parietal techniques (e.g. manual joint techniques, muscle energy techniques), visceral techniques on the organs as well as craniosacral techniques (on the head and sacrum).



  • Temporomandibular joint complaints (grinding of teeth, pain in the temporomandibular joint, “cracking”, chewing problems)
  • Inflammation of the middle ear (otitis media), inflammation of the sinuses (sinusitis)
  • Tinnitus
  • Headaches: tension headache, migrene, dizziness (vertigo)
  • Organ complaints: heartburn, bloating, intestinal and digestion problems
  • Trigeminal neuralgia,…
  • Stress, stress syndrome
  • Complaints of the posture and locomotor apparatus (arthrosis,…)
  • Sports injuries: sprains, chronic inflammations, tendon problems, muscle problems, after trauma, fractures etc.
  • Functional malpositions and movement restrictions (e.g. pelvic obliquity)
  • And much more


What do I need or what do I have to take with me:

  • A letter of referral for osteopathy from your doctor
  • Existing findings, such as physicians notes, X-rays, MRIs,…

Mario Bauer, BSc

My concern is to increase your physical well-being in sports, at work or in everyday life. Through an individually tailored treatment and the elimination of your initial problem, I accompany you on the way to the agreed upon goal. I coordinate the therapy and training plan to prevent further physical restrictions in a constructive way and I also consider your deficits. Through close cooperation with colleagues from all specialist areas as well as continuing training on my part, I strive to ensure your well-being.


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