Food should taste good and be fun. . In childhood you can lay the foundation for your child to enjoy healthy food. For children, as for adults, it is especially nice to eat together. Try to eat a meal together at least once a day. Children like to help prepare food and are particularly keen to pick freshly cut, bite-sized pieces of raw vegetables and fruit.

Further recommendations on nutrition...

The Austrian Food Pyramid provides the framework for healthy nutrition:

Plenty:                  Sugar-free drinks, vegetables, fruit, cereals

Moderate:            animal products (milk and dairy products, fish, egg, meat, ham)

Economical:         fat, salt and sugar-rich foods

It is especially important that your child only drinks water, unsweetened fruit or herbal tea or diluted fruit and vegetable juices (1 part juice, 3 parts water) and that it eats a maximum of 1 handful of sweets or snacks per day.


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